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Mpreg Stamp by lady-warrior Mpreg Stamp by lady-warrior
Someone once said "Mpreg is just a yaoi fangirl giving a couple kids because she refuses to use the female" maybe that's it but haven't these people heard of adoption? I mean if these yaoi fangirls really want their fictional boys to have kids can't they just adopt? Or do that thing where they have a female character get pregnant with their kid and she carries it to term for them? I mean it's been done in real life by homosexuals and it makes a lot more sense that one of the guys having the child.
And it I ever wrote yaoi (which I won't do) and I wanted my gayboi's to have kids I'd do it that way.

For one thing: MEN CANNOT GET PREGNANT! No matter how much you want and wish they cannot have children that way. They lack the necessary equiptment to BECOME pregnant!
Like a vagina and ovaries. Men do not have these little features that all women have. This ovary also holds something called "eggs" which men do not have either. The men have those little tadpole sperm things.

No matter what the "Junior" movie says it's impossible and disgusting!

Which leads up to some questions. Why would a man WANT to get pregnant? Have these yaoi fangirls even studied male and female anatomy? Do they think it's hot to have men walking around with a baby belly? (yuck)

No matter what it is.. it's sick, creepy, and IMPOSSIBLE IN EVERY WAY SHAPE OR FORM!

Kindly do some research.
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February 3, 2010
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