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When I was a child my family moved into this nice white house on front street in the town I live in now. The house, from what little information I could gather, was built in 1910 and is 1,386 square feet. At the time we lived there the yard had two large pine trees in the back yard, a berry bush, a dogwood tree, and two maples growing between what looked like a stone platform in the backyard. The house had a large basement ue children used as a playroom, three bedrooms one and a half bathrooms an upstairs and downstairs hall , a kitchen, a dining room, a livingroom and a front and back porch as well as an attic.
My two sisters and I slept in the front bedroom which was the largest and my brother had a bedroom with a door that led to the attic. My parents slept in the back bedroom.
It was a nice house, even though the only heaters for the upstairs were in the bathroom and the hallway. The rooms got cold in the winter and we usually played in the livingroom during those times util the weather go warm again.
All in all it seemed like like a nice place to live, despite it's flaws.
Or so we thought...
Sometime in the year 1997, before my 10th birthday, my sisters and I decided to play hide-and-seek. Since it was cold outside at the time we had to play inside. It was morning, right before lunch time, and we'd finished our school early. (We were home schooled)
I was It. My sister's ran of to find good hiding places while I counted to ten. When I finished I began my search.
The first room I checked was my bedroom. Our bedroom had a rather large closet built into the backwall. It could hold 3 people at once, if us girls had decided to hide in it that is. We usually kept the door shut because leaving it wide open always gave me a creepy feeling, though I never could figure out why.
That morning the door was open. As I looked toward the door I saw a figure clad in dark clothing, dart out of the doorway and into the closet. (Then again, as I remember everything about the figure was dark, even the face)
Thinking it was my sister I rushed over and began searching for her.
After doing this for a few seconds, and not finding anything, I heard a voice from the doorway.
Looking up I found my sister standing in the bedroom doorway, staring at me somewhat confused. "What are you doing?" she asked me.
"I thought you were in the closet," I said.
But of course I was wrong and the closet had been empty.
I never did find out what the thing was I saw. Was it my imagination or something else?
As time went on I soon realized that wasn't the only odd occurance in the house.
One night my mother woke up to see two green eye shaped lights moving on her bedroom wall. We had one cat, Prince, at the time so we figured it had to be him, even though the cat was sleeping on her bed and as far as I know cat eyes don't light up bedroom walls with reflected light.
Also the closet in my parent's bedroom never seemed to stay shut even when it was locked. Once I was in her room watching TV and the door opened all by itself, though I was the only one upstairs.
Of course now my mother insists she didn't see or experience any of those things,  so for years I was left thinking that I was the only person who heard and saw the things I did.
It wasn't until years later that my older sister actually admitted to seeing weird things in the house as well. I wish she'd told me sooner so I wouldn't have thought  was going crazy...
Four years after we moved in we had to move out because someone else had brought the house. I don't know if the currect owners have seen anything but I pray that they haven't.
This story is in fact true. I did not make this up and I have told many people in RL this story over the years. The facts haven't changed over time.
The picture of the house in the preview is the actual residence. It's been changed since I lived there 12 years previous.
chibistarscream1998 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011
That house looks very familiar..... I live in the Phil. But I find it strange that the house looks weird. I think I saw it in a dream or know those kinds of dreams where you de ja vu the next day or the dreams that have speciel meanings....I might not have seen the house personally but I think I believe you
GolfingQueen Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Student Artist
Really u think it's haunted I don't believe it
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